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It’s that time again! Secretroom’s bi-monthly event, CybeRaver, will take place Saturday April 18 at the Jungle Club located at 2115 Faulkner Rd. The theme this month is Carnival of Chaos, so break out your sequins and bow-ties, top hats and clown make-up–it’s gonna be killer!

Solid ties are also a great option. They go well with any color of suit or shirt. Wearing such a tie will make the boy or young man feel that he is on cloud nine. He will take pride in persona and catch the eye of others. As solid ties go well with many clothes, the wearer can also be casual about his pick. He can wear any tie that he wants and experiment his look.

Of the many varieties available, striped ties are quite the favorite of young men. This is because they are stylish and colorful. A striped tie goes very well with a white shirt and dress pants. Such an outfit will be simple yet classy. The young man wearing this dress will attract other young people as bees are attracted to nectar. He will look confident and smart.

Accessories such as pocket squares, ties and bow ties can polish off the perfect look. If you’re wearing a colored shirt, keep your accessories in the same color family and aim for a richer, more saturated hue. For example, a charcoal gray suit layered over a lavender dress shirt would look great with a deep, blue-based violet tie or pocket square. If you choose to wear a tie and pocket square together, they should not match exactly; rather, aim for less saturated hues of the same color or keep the pocket square white. If your shirt is already a bright, saturated color, it’s a better idea to match your accessories to your suit. Imagine a black wool suit with a maroon dress shirt—a black silk tie would complement the look nicely.

Remember when dressing your dog for the occasional that you need to keep him as comfortable as possible. Avoid letting him get overheated and be sure he is comfortable in the clothes you choose. You might even want to do a practice run in the comfort of your home before the big day so he can feel comfortable in his new clothes and you can make any changes or alterations as needed.

My family’s favorite brand, and therefore, the ones I use for making spaghetti sauce is “74/40 Tomato Filets.” They’re not available in supermarkets – only specialty stores. You can find them if you search online.

Solid colors of neckties are more proper to almost any formal occasion. The only problem is that they may look boring and bland. When it comes to weddings, the popular colors are cream, champagne and ivory. One can experiment on patterns and colors as long as they are within the wedding’s theme.

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